The Talent

Acoustic Rooster

Acoustic Rooster is fairly new to the small town scene, but this duo has years of experience.  The also have a great set list that contains a little bit of something for everything.    You'll be dancing, laughing and singing along.

Sawyer Jay

Sawyer Jay is a twenty-year old singer-songwriter.   With his guitar, banjo and crystal clear voice, he performs his songs, and tunes by Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Jim Croce, John Denver, The Beatles, and many more.    He delivers songs with a pleasant, unique style.   If you are looking for an affordable crowd pleaser, this is your guy!  

He also has a great new band called KG & The Cannonades!  Affordable and extremely enjoyable!

Repeat Offenders Duo

These guys have been a solid part of Southeastern Nebraska's music scene for a long time.  They streamlined the band in 2016, and now have one of the best duos in the region.   These guys play a lot of shows, and it shows - they sound great.     They play the Classic Rock and Country that you love to hear.  

Leather  & Lace

Grant Lambert

Josh Hoyer

Josh Hoyer's band, Soul Colossal, tours around the World, and regularly sells out large venues.  Luckily for you, Josh supplements his income by playing some solo shows when the band is off the road.  Check out these reviews:



Call us now, and book him.

Mace Hathaway

Mace Hathaway is a singer/songwriter from the heart of the midwest, & he can really tell a story.
Driven by his soulful voice, the energy in his delivery and clever lyrics have been known to consume the listener.
Mace is what some might call a prolific writer, with over 200 songs to his credit.
Hitch a ride with Mace as he works to turn each song into a new journey for the listener.

Bryton Stoll

Nobody has made a faster splash in the small town scene than this guy.    Bryton just won the StarMaker Search contest.     His stage presence and musical abilities will thrill your audiences.   He is an excellent song writer, and a natural performer.  His brand of pop country makes him an ideal fit for this region.  Book him as a solo act, or get the Bryton Stoll Band.

Dustin Prinz

I'm excited to be working with this artist.  He has over 6.5 MILLION Views on YouTube, and over 30,000 subscribers.    He is incredibly talented as a writer and as a performer.   Is your venue ready for someone exciting and new?  Book Dustin Prinz today.

Evan Bartels

The roots of a young man can be heard through a smoky, soulful voice that sings songs that aren't just words to melodies. These songs are stories. Stories of love, hate, sinning, redemption, being lost and found.

Currently based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, Evan Bartels plays music that is strongly influenced by old gospel hyms, delta blues, folk, bluegrass, and country.

This is honest music from a hardworking man telling his story one song at a time.

Evan is available as a solo act, duo, or with his full band, Evan Bartels & The Stoney Lonesomes.

Lloyd McCarter

Growing up in a musical family, Lloyd McCarter is well-steeped in honky-tonk music. Starting at the age of eight, Lloyd began playing in the family band. By the age of 18, he was touring with the FortyTwenty band, playing the pedal steel guitar.

After cutting his teeth in the honky-tonks of the Midwest, Lloyd has now taken it upon himself to bring back the days of the Country Hero that have been lost and almost forgotten.   Book his duo, or his full band!

Jumpin' Kate

After 25 years and 11 albums, Kate has earned her position in the music scene playing originals and covers all over Las Vegas, the Midwest, and points beyond.  Katie has performed in Las Vegas at venues such as the legendary Stardust, the House of Blues, Toby Keith's bar at Harrah's and Jimmy Buffet's restaurant at the Flamingo.  Her dynamic stage presence, upbeat music, easy rapport with audiences, and of course  jumpin' energy, have given her the deserved nickname; Jumpin' Kate.

Book her as a solo, duo or with her full band.

Denise Howe 

Denise Howe plays a great selection of songs that will likely have your audiences singing along with her.  She exudes a fun, confident vibe, and sounds great.  She's a regular at several bars, wineries and restaurants.  Book her as a solo, duo, or with her full band.  

Will Hutchinson

"Exsquisite folk pop"..."To my ears, he's the best singer-songwriter working in Nebraska today." 

-Lincoln Journal Star, L. Kent Wolgamott 


Will Hutchinson is an award winning singer-songwriter Americana and Folk artist based out of Lincoln, NE.  Since 2015, Will has made a living playing solo singer guitarist cover gigs across the midwest.  When not writing and playing original music, you can find him at a variety of wine bars, breweries, taprooms, and private events throughout the midwest averaging about 100 gigs per years.


While playing "for hire" gigs, Will plays popular songs from artists like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, among many others with a few originals and instrumentals songs mixed in.  He has his own professional sound system and is completely self contained with his one tech requirement being access to a reliable power source within 25 feet of where he is set-up.  

Magick K duo

Magick K Acoustic came together in early 2012 to perform in Omaha, Nebraska for small, intimate
venues. Since then, the group has blossomed playing shows throughout the region in Nebraska, Iowa,
Missouri and Illinois. With a sound ranging into folk, classic country, Americana, blues, classic rock and
original music, they are a great fit for almost any venue or event.  Your customers will appreciate their great vocals, familiar tunes and solid acoustic instrumentation.

Music Bingo

Elliott Piper created this show, and it is as unique as it is fun.  He gives the audience bingo cards and dabbers.  The cards have the name of songs on them.  He talks for a quick second about each song or artist before playing 30-40 seconds of each song.   Elliott keeps the energy level high, by dancing, playing and singing the songs.  Your patrons  will enjoy the  nostalgia, and be part of the entertainment.  This very engaging show is in high demand, so book it now.

Tim Budig

Raw, rowdy and rough edged, Tim Budig delivers everything from Chicago blues, to Outlaw Country, Rock-a-Billy, Roots and Classic Rock with heart, grit and reckless abandon. Tim’s love of American music , and performing, oozes out of every note. His delivery captures the emotion, angst and playfulness of the musical greats he grew up listening to, but tells a unique story, as he makes every song he sings and plays his own.

 Tim Budig’s Blues Band finished in the semi-finals of the 2017 International Blues Challenge, establishing them as a truly world class talent. Now, Tim is enjoying work as a solo artist, as well as band leader, and looking to entertain music lovers of all kinds.

Shawn Cole

"The Busiest Man in Show Business now that James Brown is dead".   Shawn's show is wildly unique and extremely energetic.  He plays a drumset, guitar, harmonica and sings - all at the same time.   He plays 200 plus shows each year, and has a reputaion for electrifying a room.  Book him as a solo show, a duo or with his full band.

Matt Francis

Starting at a young age, Ohio native Matthew "Cleveland Blue" Francis exhibited his love for music by entertaining and captivating crowds. Since then, this Blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter has perfected his style of soul-infused Blues that is reminiscent of a Delta meets Motown with a shaken, not stirred, jazz flavor. With a voice that is mellifluous and smooth, as well as juke joint gritty, he performs with a wide breadth of emotions that makes you experience his music not just hear it.    Available as solo act, or as full band.

Jason Wells

Jason Wells walked away from the security of an hourly job to pursue a music career.    Turns out it was a great decision.  He is a masterful guitarist and a terrific songwriter.    You'll enjoy his solo show nearly as much as seeing his full band.

He currently tours through the midwest twice a year, and is quickly growing his fan base.

Lil' Joe McCarthy

Joe plays a great variety - classic rock, to country, to blues.
He confidently covers bands and artists such as  The Eagles, Neil Young, Bob Seger, Waylon Jennings,  Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr. and B.B. King.  You will endoy his solo show.

Those Two Guys

These two guys are very experienced pros.  The play a wide mix of material.  Excellent choice for a small town bar!

Three Wise Men

One of the hottest bands around is called Four on the Floor.  When the full band isn't available they simplify things and go with this trio line-up, Three Wise Men.   


IKE - Indiana's Best one-man band!  This guy is incredible.  He literally knows thousands of songs.  His voice is excellent, and his guitar playing will hit you like a tornado.  He only comes to the Midwest once or twice a year.   If you want to book a dynamic show, book IKE!

C.A. Waller

Looking for an acoustic Blues act?   C.A. Waller's music can help you retrace the origins of the Blues.   His knowledge and abilities are unparalleled in this region.  He can recreate the haunting sounds of the early Delta bluesmen.  You'll swear he is channeling the very spirits of Robert Johnson and Skip James.   Then, he can take you North to Chicago, and you will see how music morphed to survive in the busy streets amid the Industrial Revolution.   C.A. Waller is available as a solo act, duo act and with his full band. 

Evan Grubbs

I stumbled across this guy in Indianapolis and insisted that he start touring through the Midwest.  His range of songs blew me away.  His voice soars, and his love for playing creates a great environment for anyone who has the pleasure to watch him.   Need a great new act?  Book Evan Grubbs!

Matt Martino

Matt Martino re-emerged on the music scene in 2018 after a five year hiatus spent recovering from a neck injury that nearly derailed his career.  But what started out as an experiment to simply try to infuse music back into his life grew into a full-fledged re-launch of his career.   Matt currently stays busy playing in casinos, wineries, breweries and house concerts.  

Andrea Von  


“The first thing you’ll notice about Andrea von Kampen’s “Let Me Down Easy” is her voice. It’s a yearning voice that soars far above her low, booming guitar. If her belting doesn’t get you, her vocal flips on the chorus of this break-up song will.” - NPR Music, Tiny Desk Contest


Andrea Von Kampen is a rising star in America's Folk/ Americana scene.  Her voice can slide seemlesly from crystal clear angelic sounds, to impassioned soulful pleas.  Her songwriting is excellent.  She recently signed with Sower Records, and her newest c.d. will be available in 2016.  

The Bottletops

Through the relationship of wife and husband, Kerry and Mike Semrad, a kindred spirit of music has been present. Finding their voices through original songs has become an uplifting journey that transcends just husband and wife; It’s a connection within the listeners and together they find that deep comfort in the soul that is driven by the sound a family creates. Kerry, coming from a background of gospel and blues, lends vocals to Mike’s country and rock influences to make a sound that can only be described as Americana.       Available as a full band or as a duo!

Daniel Christian

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Daniel Christian blends a pop/rock sensibility with country/folk roots.  He weaves hooky, stick-in-your-head melodies backed by big harmonies with thought-provoking lyrical content. The result is a style of art and entertainment which, according to fans, “sounds like cinnamon rolls taste!”  

Wendy and The Lost Boys

Wendy Jane Bantam is one of Nebraska's most celebrated visual artist.  Her paintings adorn walls all over the world.  She is also a gifted songwriter, and has a voice as sweet as clover honey.  Her reputation as an artist, and her obvious talent, has the area's most talented musicians lined-up to accompany her.   This evolving cast of musicians is known as the Lost Boys.

Book Wendy & The Lost Boys for your event.  Their unique blend of Country, Americana and Folk music will be agreat addition to whatever you are planning.


This duo plays all the great music you remember, and that nobody else seems to play anymore.   Their set list includes the music of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow and many more.   These pros are excellent !

Rob Rowan

Rob Rowan brings a reinvented but true-to-form approach to the blues standards that people know and adore. Combine those classics with a peppering of originals, you will be transported to a simpler time in music when it was just an individual and a guitar. He's has performed for over 20 years in various forms from session work, acoustic groups and duos, lead guitar in a smattering of hot and jumpin' blues bands, and has even lent his chops to a country group.  

Down to Two

Down to 2 is the acoustic project of Jeremy Ehrig and Shawn Fredieu of the band Down to Here. Down to 2 is the result of countless nights of "after party" acoustic jams and "campfire sing alongs" that Jeremy and Shawn have attended over the years. Evolving naturally, Down to 2 has become a vehicle for its two members to explore a variety of musical styles including: rock, country, pop, blues, originals, and more.


Aunt Bunnie's Parlor

“Performing the music of some of America’s best song writers  - Merle Travis, Woody Guthrie, Towns van Zandt, Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Tom Waits to name a few, plus original songs. It’s string band for the 21stCentury firmly embedded in the music traditions of past. , featuring Miss Katie Rae on vocals and guitar, Lincoln Blues legend and Prairie Dog Recording Artist CA Waller (Gerardo Mesa Band, Crescent Moon Blues Band, and Parlor Guitar) on guitar and mandolin, and Pete Blakeslee (String Demons, Hocum Boys, Bluegrass Crusade and others) on dobro and bad jokes. Kind of like being down home.”

The Time Burners

The Time Burners is a husband & wife rockabilly duo from Lincoln, NE.  They play roots and Rockabilly music - The good stuff!  The mix of early rock and old country really ties into the roots of music. Stemming from the 50's, it really was a time when things were pretty simple compared to what the world is today. Keeping true music alive and kicking is something we have a passion for and hope you enjoy what we create as much as we love making it.    


Brian "Pickle"


"Pickle", that is what most everbody calls him.  And, he is widely know as one of the area's top musicians.  We don't even know where to list him on this site.  He is a fine solo entertainer, but also has a hot bluegrass band called Cattywhompass.   He plays in a pop country band called Sheila Greenland and Canyon Run.   He also has a classic rock band called Pickle and the Tickle.  But wait, there is more...   He is the bass player in the area's best Grateful Dead Cover band, The Grateful Dudes.    We have whatever you are looking for.  Would you like Pickle with that?

Jared's Good Time Blues Party

Like the name suggests Jared's Blues Party is a good time!  He plays the guitar, drum, kazoo and harmonica.  He is well versed in the many genres of blues.  Book him as a solo, duo or with his full band.

Tommy Watt

Tommy Watt is a solo performer from Smith Center, KS.  His solid reputation reflects his many years as a singer, songwriter and performer.  He's a great fit for the small town bar scene!

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